Our Story

Our Story

You’ve probably seen our tag lines, but what really makes us different?  It’s not just the personalized experience but the value we place in every single relationship. You’re not just a client looking for a house or a number on a spreadsheet.  Our agents take the time to get to know you personally, to find out about your hopes and dreams, to help those dreams come true.  We’re not a “one-and-done” type company – we want you to be part of our family and that means being a part of your dreams for a very long time. 

And we treat our agents and employees exactly the same way.  If you choose one of our agents, you’re choosing the entire WK Real Estate Family.  From the transaction coordinators and digital marketing/IT department to the relocation team and beyond, every one of us is invested in your success.  Our collaborative culture and family nature gives agents the comfort to talk to each other about who they like as particular vendors, trends they’re seeing in the market and best practices they’re noticing get you the best results.

Plus – we’re all locals.  We actually live, play and work in these communities and as full time real estate agents we know this market.  We know the neighborhoods, the lenders, the carpenters, inspectors and employers.  When you say you need a one level ranch to accommodate an aging parent living with you, we know where to look.  Need something within walking distance of a school or close to a place of employment?  Those neighborhoods are the ones we live in too.  The experience and true local knowledge of our agents can’t be found online – that’s the advantage of working with a live person who cares.  

And we take our relationship building mindset outside the four walls of our company as well.  Our independent status and strategic partnerships allow us to network with some of the biggest and best real estate companies in the country (and the world!).  These connections help us stay on the cutting edge of technology and trends.  Between Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, Luxury Portfolio, the Enterprise Network and our Rainmakers group we’re dialed into the latest real estate trends around the globe.  And because we focus on the people behind these partnerships, we have personal connections within these groups – friends and colleagues who know us by name and reputation, people who actually help us sell your home better or help us find you your next property.  

We must be doing something right, because since 2000 the people of Boulder County have recognized WK Real Estate as one of the Boulder County Gold’s “Best Real Estate Companies” and “Best Customer Service”.  WK has also been voted “Best Real Estate Company” and “Best Customer Service” in Longmont consistently since opening the office there in 2010 by the Longmont Times-Call Reader’s Choice Awards.

So if you’re ready to take those sticks and stones that make a house and transform it into a home, a place filled with love, laughter, hopes, dreams and real everyday down-to-earth life events, call us.  We want to help make it all happen. 

Our Story

Who We Are

If you know anything about us, hopefully you’ll know we’re all about the relationships and local connections when it comes to real estate.  But did you know this philosophy has been inherent to our company from the very first day we started?

Lew Kingdom and Stu Wright met at a local Boulder Area REALTOR® Association event back in 1974. On April 1, 1976 the idea to open their own independent brokerage came to fruition and with $6,000 each, Lew and Stu opened the doors at 1900 Folsom Street and called the fledging company Wright Kingdom (renamed WK Real Estate in 2016). 

The company gradually grew over the next forty years and moved locations 3 times before they settled into the current locations at 4875 Pearl E Circle # 100 in Boulder and 2101 Ken Pratt Blvd # 100 in Longmont.

Lew and Stu were visionaries from the beginning.  In 1987, the concept of relocation was a new idea for many companies but that didn’t stop WK Real Estate from adding a full-time staff and department dedicated solely to helping people move in and out of the community.   WK Real Estate became a charter member of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World®, an exclusive network of independent real estate brokers from around the world.

As technology needs grew within the country, Lew secured the wkre.com domain name and acquired one of the first printers and computers as they became available. Lew laughingly talks about the first printer that was so big and noisy it needed to be in its own “cage” to muffle the sound!  They were the second company to partner with Booj – a proprietary website building company specializing in real estate websites. Booj assists with the ever-changing technology world, creating new products and ideas like introducing a mobile application well before apps were the norm.

In 1993 Dan Kingdom (Lew Kingdom’s son) joined WK Real Estate as a broker associate.  As Dan grew in experience and expertise, he became the natural fit to take over WK Real Estate and was names employing broker in 2016.  Dan’s passion and vision for the changing needs of the market foresaw the expansion of Boulder real estate into the surrounding communities, and WK Real Estate proudly opened its Longmont office in 2010.

Today, the company’s philosophy hasn’t changed much from Lew and Stu’s original idea.  It’s not just the personalized experience clients enjoy at WK Real Estate, but the value placed on every single relationship.  Agents take the time to get to know clients personally, to find out about hopes and dreams, and to help those dreams come true.  They treat clients as part of the WK family, and that means being a part of their dreams for a very long time.


Community Engagement

The spirit of giving back is fundamental to everything we do here at WK Real Estate.  We live and work in these communities and for us it’s not just a “community event” we choose to sponsor, but the place where we met the love of our life or found the perfect four-footed hiking companion.  It’s not just “a school” we’re giving back to, it’s the school where our sons and daughters grew up and learned to sing their ABCs. Our agents give back to more than 100 nonprofit organizations by donating  time, money and goods.

And as a company, we find it just as important to be involved.  That’s why we participate in volunteer opportunities quarterly such as Community Food Share’s Compete to Beat Hunger Corporate Challenge and Habitat for Humanity.  We also choose to sponsor the Boulder 4th of July fireworks at Folsom Field and the transportation for Longmont’s Rhythm on the River, events our families and friends love.  Our contributions don’t stop there, we created the WK Real Estate Scholarship awarded to two graduating high school students looked to attend the Leeds School of Business at CU and every December we give a monetary contribution to an organization in need.    Throughout the year we collect items for a variety of organization such as United Way’s Children’s Book Drive and Share-a-Gift. If you’re interested in helping us with any of our community efforts, contact us and we’d be happy to get your involved!

Community Engagement

Join Our Team

Looking for a workplace that cares about you because your you?  Here at WK, it’s all about the personalized experience. We believe in one-on-one coaching to custom tailor a plan that works for your specific strengths and goals.  Every staff member is invested in your individual success and our tight knit family of agents offer support and collaboration that’s hard to find elsewhere.

We believe that each member of our team – agent or staff – brings unique perspectives to the table and we’re here to create long lasting relationships built on a foundation of trust and experience.  As Boulder County’s largest independently-owned real estate company for over 40 years, we pride ourselves on helping clients find and create new homes anywhere in the world through our partnerships with Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® and Luxury Portfolio®.  

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