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Home Buying Process

1 Step One — Find an Agent

Congratulations, you’ve decided you'd like to buy a home. Your first step is to research candidates and conduct interviews with potential agents. You'll want to find an agent that fits your personality and communication style, as well as an agent who is familar with the area in which you’d like to buy. A full-time agent who actively helps people buy and sell will be the most up-to-date with current negotiation strategies and potential neighborhood quirks. A great agent will help you navigate all the steps in the home buying process, including getting pre-approved for a loan if needed, showing you properties, negotiating and reviewing the contract, and successfully getting you to the closing table.

Find an Agent
2 Step Two — Find Your Home

Now for the fun part: choosing a home! You’ll discuss your wants and needs with your agent, and he or she will set up a search to find available properties. As you identify properties you’d like to see in person, your agent will schedule showings and take you for tours of each home (even new construction homes!).
You’ll be able to compare and contrast different features and refine your search criteria as you go.

Find Your Home
3 Step Three — Make the Deal

You’ve found that perfect house to make into a home. Great! Now your agent will help you make an offer, working with you and your lender (if applicable) to negotiate the best terms. Your agent will submit the offer to the listing agent, and, with any luck, you’ll reach an agreement with the seller and officially be under contract.

Make the Deal
4 Step Four — Get Under Contract

Alright, we have a home under contract and now it’s time to get to work. In addition to getting needed documentation to a lender (if applicable), you’ll also need to procure title insurance, hire an inspector, and have the home appraised. Rest assured that your agent will be with you every step of the way! He or she will break down each task and help recommend professionals, keep you on track to meet your deadlines, talk you through options and explain the intricacies of the process. Agents are excellent problem solvers, and doing this as their full-time job means they have plenty of experience to fall back on regardless of what questions or concerns may arise.

Get Under Contract
5 Step Five — Complete the Closing

You’ve made it! The inspection went well, your new home appraised at an appropriate value, you’ve been dreaming for the last few weeks where the new coffee table will go and you’ve finally made it to the closing table! Your agent will be right beside you as you bring your ID, transfer your money and sign all the necessary paperwork. The title will be transferred to your name and the mortgage finalized. After everything is settled, you’ll walk away with a new set of keys and a dream accomplished. Now, go home and enjoy that coffee table!

Complete the Closing

Get Pre-Approved

With the competitive market along the Front Range, it’s essential to get pre-approved before you make an offer.  If you’re not already talking to a lender you know and trust, talk to your agent about the best choice for you. Agents know the local lenders and can recommend specific people or companies depending on where and what you’re looking to buy.  We also have a unique partnership with Premier Mortgage Group right here in town. With two of their brokers located within our own offices, agents have personal, real-time access to knowledgeable lenders who keep us up-to-date on the latest mortgage changes and help answer our on-the-fly questions!

Find the Right Broker

Let’s face it, buying a home comes with a lot of details, potential stress points, unfettered joys and a turmoil of emotions (good and bad!).  By far the most important step in the home buying process comes down to finding the right agent for you. Each agent has a different personality and unique communication strategy.  Think about what you need as you conduct interviews and research potential candidates. Will you feel better if someone calls you every week, or do you need daily communication? Would you like someone who has a construction background to discuss potential remodel ideas, or do you need someone who understands the needs of having two small children in the house?  Regardless of your style, make sure the agent is local and full-time. They’ll know the current market best and will be able to negotiate with a full understanding of what you need to do to get the best terms for your new property at that moment in time. With almost 100 agents, we can help find the best agent for your needs.

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